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A '''virgin''' is a young woman who has not had any sexual experience. '''Virginity''' is the state being as a '''virgin'''. The word term is derived from the Latin ''virgo'' meaning ''young girl''an expression of [[purity]]. Virginity It implies pure, unadulterated, chaste. A virgin is now a diverse term, which may refer to females or males, person of any age, either [[gender]] who have has not had any sexual experience. <ref name= "about dot com"> "Virginity" at</ref>
==Connotations of purity=='''Virginity''' has strong connotations of [[purity]]. It implies pure, unadulterated, chaste. Apart from sexual purity, virginity may also refer to general spiritual purity. A virgin, especially in classical literature, may a young woman completely innocent and free of sin. One of the most important historical virgins is [[Mary]] mother of [[Jesus]]. Mary's virginity is a symbol of her spiritual purity.<ref name"=Mary Article"> Mary Virgin of Virgins</ref> ==Cultural value==The virginity is respected and valued in certain societies. Female virginity is interwoven with personal or family honour in some cultures. Some men give special value to virgin women. In many cultures, virginity tests are administered before marriage, to ensure a young woman is pure. In contemporary western cultures, the importance of virginity has been significantly degraded. This is especially due to the feminist movement of the 1970's. In recent years there has been a resurgence in importance of virginity especially among religious groups. Many young men and women take vows of chastity, to protect their virginity and purity until marriage. <ref name="Virgin Vow"> Virgin Vow </ref> ==Technical virginity==Some [[anthropologists]] have observed that in many cultures that value virginity, there is a high percentage of non-penetrative sexual-activity that still leads to sexual release. A number of people feel that they can protect their purity while engaging in these acts.<ref name="USA Today"> USA Today - Technical Virginity</ref> Though scientifically, the validity of ''technical virginity'' are under debate, there is a clear consensus on the lost of purity. According to Matthew 5:28, even thinking lustful thoughts is a sin "''But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.''" ==Quote==<blockquote>''{{Cquote|Some girls stay secretive about their [[Christianity]] and desire for virginity until marriage. Don’t be ashamed to let others know where you stand. Ask your youth pastor about signing a document proclaiming your purity commitment. Then tell others about it. Consider wearing a purity symbol such as a ring or special necklace — especially on dates. These have no special power, but they can remind you of your plan to remain sexually pure.'' |20px|20px|[ What's Your Plan for Sexual Purity?] by Elaine Creasman.</blockquote>}}
Virginity is respected and valued in many societies, especially female virginity, which is often interwoven with personal or family honor and patriarchy in some cultures. Some men place importance on a woman's virginity, especially in a prospective wife.
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[[Image:Virginity.jpg|thumb| Image This image is based on a [[World War I ]] poster of Uncle Sam exhorting men to "protect the nation's honor".]]
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