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AGW hypothesis

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#In the next 100 years, CO2 produced by man will cause a lot more warming, from as low as three degrees C to as high as 8 or 10 degrees C.
#Positive feedbacks in the climate, like increased humidity, will act to triple the warming from CO2, leading to these higher forecasts and perhaps even a tipping point into climactic disaster
#The bad effects of warming greatly outweigh the positive effects, and we are already seeing the front end of these bad effects today (polar bears dying, glaciers melting, etc.)
#These bad effects, or even a small risk of them, easily justify massive intervention today in reducing economic activity and greenhouse gas production []
* AGW is sometimes called a [[secular religion]]. Because it is [[religion]], not [[science]], that burns [[skeptic]]s at the stake. []
==See:also==* [[burning at the stakeAnthropogenic global warming theory]]
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