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'''Out-of-place Artifacts, ET's, and the Great Flood'''
Those who believe that extraterrestrial scouts once visited the [[Earth]] frequently try to connect the OOParts with such scouting crews. But their argument has two problems:
# Recent evidence suggests that the [[Earth]] and the [[solar system]] are ''very'' special places, that almost had to be [[anthropic principle|designed with human life in mind]]. Indeed , the [[galaxy]] wherein we reside might have no other place within it that would be hospitable even to a [[bacterium]] or a blue-green [[alga]], much less to an ET shipwright, [[admiral]], or "[[swift boat]] skipper." To be more specific, the galaxy probably has a very thin "habitable zone" that might be no broader than the range between the perigalacticon and apogalacticon of the [[Sun]]'s orbit. And even within that range, a habitable world might not be possible outside the relatively sparsely populated region in which the Sun resides.<ref name=Hodges>Hodges, Bodie. "The Flood: Whom Do You Trust?" Lecture delivered at the [[Creation Museum|Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center]], Petersburg, [[Kentucky]], [[USA]], March 28, 2008.</ref>
# Many of the artifacts found (like the crystal skull of Belize) do represent a stunningly advanced technology. Others, however, represent a technology no more advanced than that of any civilization in existence as of the early twenty-first century, or even the middle twentieth. Why, then, would an ET "swift boat crew" bring an ordinary dry-cell battery with them? Surely one would expect their equipment to represent the same sort of far-advanced culture that could support and mount an expedition from one [[star]] to another.
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