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'''Discordianism''' is a parody religion.
Discordianism, ostensibly, is the worship of [[Chaos]], personified by the Greek Goddess [[Eris (mythology)|Eris]] (or [[Discordia]], if you're feeling Roman.) As alluded [[Allusion|allude]]d to above, depending on who you ask, it is either a religion, a philosophy, a way of life, or the greatest in-joke ever perpetrated (or all at once.)
==Truth (by way of disclaimer)==
Discordians are forbidden from believing anything they read.<sup>2</sup> Including this.
Documenting anything in relation to Discordianism is exceedingly difficult. One reason is the somewhat lax approach to truth described above. Another is that many (most? ''all??'') Discordians participate in actively spreading misinformation. Some do so as a religious observance, others out of a sense of self-preservation. Many just do so because they find it fun. Some [[Allusion|allude ]] to a deeper conspiratorial motive behind all this misinformation, but others claim that these conspiracy theories are themselves examples of misinformation.
Another reason for the difficulty is that every Discordian is, per Discordianism, considered a [[Pope]], and is therefore empowered to make changes to Discordianism as a whole. This results in mass chaos (which was almost certainly the point.) The upshot is that any two Discordians may tell you completely contradictory things about Discordianism - and both be right.
Other rumors include:
*The [ Principia Discordia], the chief holy book of Discordianism, was in fact written by Gregory Hill, a noted time traveler.<sup>3</sup>
*It has been claimed that the Principia Discordia was actually written in 1812, despite the fact that it was not published until the late 1960's1960s.<sup>4</sup> This may lend credence to the above time-travelling rumor. (It should be noted that the trustworthiness of the source for this rumor is extremely suspect. However, to a Discordian's way of thinking, this makes it the ideal place to hide true information.)
==History (official)==
Discordianism explains the metaphysical reality as a morass of chaos overlaid with varying reality grids, consisting of the illusions of order and disorder. Learning to change grids is the first step towards discarding them altogether and achieving [[Illuminati|Illumination]]on.
According to Discordians, to believe that order (the [[Aneristic principle]]) is inherently better than disorder (the [[Eristic principle]]) is the ''Aneristic Illusion''. The opposite belief is the ''Eristic Illusion.'' The mingling of the Aneristic and Eristic principles is illustrated in the Hodge Podge, or [ Sacred Chao] (a ''chao'' being defined as a single unit of chaos.)<sup>7</sup>
===Discordian Quotes===
The [ Discordian Quotes] are a 40+ page collection of quotations - &mdash; some funny, some thought-provoking, some simply random. Some are obviously connected to Discordianism; others function more like a [[Zen]] [[koan]]. None of the quotes are attributed; tracking down the sources of the more obscure quotes is a popular pasttime pastime amongst Discordians. (hintHint: try [[Mystery Science Theater 3000]], [[Calvin and Hobbes]], and [[Moby Dick]], for starters.) Others maintain that if you read the entire list from beginning to end without going insane, you will achieve enlightenment. According to [], the Discordian Quotes are closely tied to a [ MUD, Lost Souls], though it hints nebulously that they originate elsewhere.
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Ironically, Discordian groups, or [[Cabals]], tend to be extremely [[hierarchical]], with members having elaborate titles and degrees, similar to the [[Masons]] or the [[Catholic]] Church. Typical] titles include things like "The Omnibenevolent Polyfather of Virginity in Gold", "Archbeacon of the Blind", or "Keeper of the Notary Sojak". The commonest rank among Discordians is [[Pope]].
Do You Believe That?
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==External links== * [ The Principia Discordia, or ''see also:How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her'' ]* [ Buxton's Discordianism page]
[ The Principia Discordia, or ''How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her'']
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