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The term '''family-friendly''' is applied to entertainment or educational material (most frequently [[movies]] and [[video games]]) which is appropriate for use by all ages in that it . It is characterized by being free from [[profanity]], sexual description descriptions (in words or images), foul language[[profanity]], [[blasphemy]] and positive , [[drug]] use, graphic depictions of [[crime|criminal]] violence. It , and is ironic that material containing these is often described respectful towards [[Christian]] world-view and values. Though the system of movie age ratings can provide some guide to the content of entertainment, it does not offer a complete description. To fill this niche, Christian services such as 'adult': anything more immature than [[pornographyMovieguide]] would and [[CAPAlert]] provide a detailed breakdown of how different aspects of a movie could be hard considered unsuitable for families. The term ''family-friendly'' may also be used disparagingly to imagineimply material has been sanitised to the point it is misleading, unrealistic or inaccurate[[Category:Ethics]][[Category:Sociology]][[Category:Virtues]]