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The term '''family-friendly''' is applied to entertainment or educational material (most frequently [[movies]] and [[video games]]) which is appropriate for use by all ages. It is characterized by being free from [[profanity]], sexual description descriptions (in words or images), foul language[[profanity]], [[blasphemy]], [[drug]] use, and positive graphic depictions of [[crime|criminal]] violence, etc. and is respectful towards [[Christian]] world-view and values. It is ironic that material containing these is often described  Though the system of movie age ratings can provide some guide to the content of entertainment, it does not offer a complete description. To fill this niche, Christian services such as 'adult'; anything more immature than [[pornographyMovieguide]] would and [[CAPAlert]] provide a detailed breakdown of how different aspects of a movie could be hard considered unsuitable for families. The term ''family-friendly'' may also be used disparagingly to imagineimply material has been sanitised to the point it is misleading, unrealistic or inaccurate.