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Natural causes

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'''Natural causes''' are physical forces like [[gravity]], [[magnetism]], [[electric field]]s and so on which operate consistently. Sometimes they are called '''laws of nature''', because careful observers over the years have not found any exceptions to these forces.
For example, whenever you drop something heavy, it falls. Or whenever you combine two chemicals of a certain type, they always react the same way.
In the biological world, there are natural laws governing [[plant growth]], [[animal behavior]], [[infectious disease]]s and so on.
Human beings, however, tend to be unpredictable . This could be because they were granted [[free will]] by God (compare [[Determinism]]), or because predicting the behavior of complex systems is computationally hard.<ref>Scott Aaronson, ''Quantum Computing since Democritus'' lecture notes. html Retrieved 1/1/2012</ref>
==Physical science==
==See also==
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*[[Scientific method]]
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