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Paul Johannes Tillich

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'''Paul Johannes Tillich ''' (1886&mdash;1965) was at age 28 a German Army Chaplain and is one of the most well-known 20th century Christian theologiantheologians. In 20th century theology his work represents one of its five most influential schools of thought: the theology of correlation. <ref name=Ford>[ ''Theology: A very short introduction''], David Ford, [[Oxford University]] Press, 1999, ISBN 0-19-285314-7, pp. 28-29, 32 </ref> <ref> [ ''Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology''], Daniel L. Migliore, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2004, ISBN 080282787X, 439 pages, p. 253 (seen in 1991 printing) </ref> This correlation is one between Christian [[Faith]] and culture: "various questions, philosophies symbols, disciplines, and worldviews." According to the [[Oxford University]]-published scholar David Ford, at least one of the other four influential schools of 20th century theological thought sees Tillich's theology of correlation as "inherently unstable: there can be no neutral standpoint from which to carry on dialogues, and therefore there has to be a basic commitment either for or against Christian faith." Such a critic and representative of this other school of thought is [[Karl Barth]].<ref name=Ford/>
==Books by==
*[ ''The Protestant Era''] (1948)
*[ ''Courage to Be''] (1952)
*[ ''Systematic Theology''] (1965) [preview]
*[ ''Paul Tillich: Theologian of the Boundaries''] (1991) [preview]
==Books about==
*[ ''The Theology Of Paul Tillich''](1952) Charles W. Kegley, Robert W. Bretall
*[ ''Religion And Culture Essays In Honor Of Paul Tillich''] (1959) Walter Leibrecht, Harper & Brothers Publishers
*[ ''The System And The Gospel A Critique Of Paul Tillich''] (1963) Kenneth Hamilton, The Macmillan Company
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