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Medical research

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The first great breakthrough in medical knowledge in modern times came from the research of [[Edward Jenner]], the inventor of the vaccine. By injecting people with small amounts of boiled cowpox disease, he discovered they became immune to smallpox. As a result of his work, one of the most virulent and deadly diseases to scourge mankind now exists only in two small vials in biology research labs.
''louis pasteur''Another great breakthrough came with [[Louis Pasteur]] and his process known as [[Pasteurization]], by which milk and other dairy products could be purged of harmful diseases and kept for longer periods of time without spoiling. Pasteurization led to a revolution in food preparation and general hygiene. Pasteur also demonstrated the impossibility of [[spontaneous generation]], and was one of the first to prove that microogranisms called germs caused many diseases.
''edward koch'' ''alex flemming / Robert Koch also contributed to germ theory, isolating tuberculosis and investigating that disease. While germ theory allowed preventitive care in the form of avoiding germs and preventing pollution of water supplies, little was known about how to fight an infection already present in the body until Alexander Flemming discovered [[penicillin'']], one of the first antibiotics.
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