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/* The reality behind the presentation */
The Eastern view suggests that the presentation of reality overwhelms the perversions made of reality, the obscuring of reality and that reality cannot be knocked out by a "technicality". It suggests that Truth, by its very surfacing and exposure, has power to dissipate the hazes and shimmerings set up knowingly or unwittingly erected, and that the Prior Event, the historical event, must be reckoned with. It links up "inspiration" with what really is and the only God standing behind what really is. Because of this, the scale is always tipped on the side of the Christian Apologist, whose main function is not that of rear guard but rather exposure of what is, which, in actuality, is truth. He knows that because Jesus, in fact, did rise from the dead, that fact, the present life and power of the risen Christ, makes its mark not only throughout our four original Gospels, but also all translations and renderings of them, and that that Life of His, continues, just by its unveiling, to unnerve and disarm all attempts at obfuscations as well as unintended failures to apprehend, interprete, and reproduce correctly. The strength of inspiration as a corelate to Reality and Him who stands behind reality is a force to be reckoned with and no mere game for the armchair enthusiast. As well as the literary end, the historical end is also verified, and confirmed. Because He was actually born of a virgin, and not the "Virgin Birth" being a self justifying construct of the pious, men who know this, and that means Jews of the Bible and believers in Him, would certainly have sought Him out in their Scriptures, any sign of Him, any word about Him, and would have found it - and for there was such word, and such words - "Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son..!(see sect. 2.6 of [[Messianic Prophecies]]). But it was the Historical reality of His unique and miraculous coming, which made this all come about, and which made its way onto our Gospels and forced its way, and still does, onto all translations of the Gospels, because Truth overcomes, And it was because He really was, as He made known to His Apostolic men who testified of that to others, the Divine Son of God, explicated in many terms, there really could be the believability of what has come to be known as "prophetic double fulfillment", and no construct of deception by Christians attempting to jusffy their faith. That is, though, of course, the son of God, was historic Israel, whom He had taken out of Egypt - It is the Torah who tells us of that, and of course, it was Israel who was the son whom He called out of Egypt - it is the Prophet Hosea who tells us that, but, also of course, it was Jesus soon to be of Nazareth, who was spirited out of Egypt - told to us by the Gospel "That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, 'Out of Egypt have I called My Son.'", because, in fact, He is the True and Only Son of God, who gives strenth to all other sons of God (whose strongest reality could only be that they pointed to Him!) who had been before Him and who would come after, and He is the true Israel, the One who had ''not'' failed (Thus the 40 day trial in the desert of the Son of God, Jesus, recapitulates the 40 years failed trial in the desert by God's son, Israel). That fact, and those facts, have the power, and the exposure of them exerts that power, that somehow undermines the falsities and misapprehensions into which they are inserted. Inspiration, then, is the past and present force of God as He presents to us what He is and what He has done. So the Eastern view.
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