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Essay:Separate Life

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'''Reason #4:''' Fertilization occurs when sperm unites with egg. Then, implantation on the wall of the uterus (womb) occurs. We see, then, that when life begins the life is not physically connected to the mother, but is separate.
'''Reason #5:''' If a live, human fertilized egg is to become a part of the mother's body, then his own life would cease as he became a part of her'shers. We know that this doesn't happen, because nine months later, he is born alive. Therefore, he didn't become a part of his mother's body. His life was separate all the time.
'''Reason #6:''' The preborn baby has his own brain.
'''Reason #11:''' Suppose we have a white woman who is impregnated by artificial insemination with an egg from a black woman, with such egg fertilized by an Oriental man. Also, suppose the baby is a boy. Does the white woman now have three races--white, black, and Oriental? Does she now have two sexes? Does she suddenly have twenty fingers, twenty toes, two brains, and two hearts?
When the baby is born, does the white woman revert back to having one race and to being only woman? Does the baby change from having three races to having two and from being girl and boy to being only boy? Do he and his mother each lose ten fingers, ten toes, one brain, and one heart?
This would have to happen if the baby was a part of his mother.
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