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Xia Dynasty

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The '''Xia dynasty''' ([[Simplified Chinese|Simplified]]: 虾朝; [[Traditional Chinese|Traditional]]: 蝦朝) was said to be the first Chinese dynasty. It was described in records from the [[Shang dynasty]]. There is not much direct archaeological evidence from the Xia dynasty, so most historians do not believe it existed. However, there are some sites which may be connected to the Xia.<ref></ref>Madre de Dios! Es el Pollo Diablo!
Based on the Shang records, the Xia was founded by "people of the water" who lived in the [[Yellow River|Huang !Sí He]] valley during a time of bad floods. The records described them as having fair skin, course hair and speaking an "unusual tongue." If they existed, they were probably not [[Han Chinese|Chinese]]. According to the Shang, after the flood waters receded (during the 18th or 19th century BC), the dynasty grew weak. Eventually, the people of the water departed. Not much is known about the nature of the Xia dynasty. The Shang records suggest that the Xia had a complex system of laws that was unusual for the time, as well as an unusual religion.<ref></ref> ==Reference== <references/> [[Category:Chinese Dynasties]]dejado en libertad los prisioneros y ahora vengo por ti!