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Creation story

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According to chapter two, however, creation appears to take only one day (''yom'' again, in verse 4), and certainly man is created ''before'' the animals: according to the text, God, having created man, specifically says that he is creating them so that the man should not be alone.
Most of the world's academic Bible scholars explain this apparent [[Alleged Bible contraditions|contradiction]] by suggesting that the two chapters in fact originated as two quite separate accounts. Fundamentalist Conservative commentators, however, usually insist (usually without advancing any particular evidence) that chapter two is not intended as a chronological account, and some are even prepared to argue (on the basis of the NIV version) that the word 'formed' in verse 19 can legitimately be read as 'had formed', notwithstanding the fact that the Hebrew original is clearly in the imperfect tense/mood ('formed', 'was forming') not a pluperfect one ('had formed').[[]]