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/* RoBS's upcoming RINO-like rule - supposed "conservative" point of view rule */ new section
User:Conservative, I admire your restraint in dealing with User:RobSmith who for some reason has decided to attack you. I hope User:Aschlafly acts quickly to remove User:RobSmith before User:Robsmith destroys the good work of User:Conservative and many other by opening the floodgates to liberals, atheists and evolutionists to turn this site in to another Wikipedia. [[User:Bclough|Bclough]] 14:51, 31 July 2011 (EDT)
:::A Poll has started at [[Debate:Should RobS loose his Sysop rights?]]; (please note, I will exempt voting participants from the 90/20 rule for each click while participating in this poll. This should gain some Community input regarding User:Conservatives excessive trolling of ASchlalfy's talk page which he has been asked by several editors several times to stop. Thanks.) [[User:RobSmith|Rob Smith]] 14:59, 31 July 2011 (EDT)
== RoBS's upcoming RINO-like rule - supposed "conservative" point of view rule ==
RobS is about to advise Conservapedia to have a conservative point of view guideline which appears to have a [[RINO]]-like bent. It is located [User:RobSmith/Conservapedia:Conservative point of view|HERE]]
The "conservative" point of view guidelines indicates that the [[neoconservative]] is part of the conservative point of view. Conservapedia says "A neoconservative (also spelled "neo-conservative"; colloquially, neocon) in American politics is someone presented as a conservative but who actually favors big government, interventionalism, and a hostility to religion in politics and government."
RobS's upcoming conservative point of view rule mentions none of the social issues directly. It also does not bring up the evolution issue directly. [[User:Conservative|Conservative]] 15:57, 31 July 2011 (EDT)