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/* World History Lectures Homework Five */
:::Dear Mr Schlafly,
:::Thankyou for your response. However it must be noted that I, as a representative of the student board, am not alone in stating that your answer is disappointing in the extreme. Your answer regarding the Frankish/Germanic identification ignores the already-mentioned Treaty of 699 which names two distinct groups; your answer to the second point fails to account for issues of translating and transliterating Early Medieval Frankish orthography (and overlooks your granting of 100% grades to other answers which are rife with spelling, punctuation, orthographic, and grammatical mistakes); and you completely ignore the remaining thirteen of the fifteen concerns raised. By calling these concerns "nitpicky", you not only demonstrate an unprofessional dismissive attitude towards your own students and raise serious questions about your marking scheme and grading standards, you thereby suggest that you have not actually read your own Lectures as you award full marks to answers which '''directly contradict the content of your own course material'''. The most glaringly obvious is your award of full marks for an answer which claims that Charles Martel was the grandson of Charlemagne - this is equivalent to receiving an answer that Abraham Lincoln was President ''before'' George Washington, and awarding it full marks. You have also neglected to answer the student concerns regarding the homework for Lecture Six; an issue which was raised several days ago but ''still'' has not been answered. Some deeply concerning issues have been raised regarding your marking of homework and, until an ironclad response is offered which explains why you have chosen to award full marks to a broad selection of spurious and incorrect answers, your competency to assign and grade homework for your own World History course remains highly questionable.
:::As noted before, I am sure that this is simply an administrative oversight as you are a very busy man, and we the students look forward to a comprehensive explanation of how the marking scheme works.