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/* World History Lectures Homework Five */
:Rex, I did respond to your issues and found them to be nitpicky, as I said. Beyond that, I do not find your additional comments to merit a response. If you have a specific concern about my feedback '''''on your work''''', then please confine your talk to that on this page. A student should not try to run a course. Godspeed.--[[User:Aschlafly|Andy Schlafly]] 21:16, 18 October 2011 (EDT)
::Dear Mr Schlafly,
::Thankyou for your response. You are correct that a student should not try to run a course. A course should be run by a competent and professional teacher. By awarding full marks to incorrect answers, neither competence nor professionalism is demonstrated.
::You are of course perfectly free to call my concerns "nitpicky", but they stand regardless of what you call them. When you award full marks for claiming that Charles Martel was the grandson of Charlemagne, it is not "nitpicky" but frankly wrong. "Nitpicky" implies that I am fussing over the peripheral details of an otherwise correct answer. But when the answer is as badly wrong as that - and you give it full marks - it is not nitpicking. It is pointing out that you have failed to grade homework correctly. This issue of Charlemagen's ancestry is merely one example. The other thirteen concerns - which you apparently couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge - remain.
::Equally, you are perfectly at liberty to consider these concerns unworthy of a response. However, this raises two points. The first is that you, as the teacher of a course, have a responsibility to answer questions from concerned students. By neglecting to do this, you are being unprofessional. Secondly, if you had actually ''said'' that you couldn't be bothered to answer the concerns, that would at least have been an acknowledgement that they exist. Instead, you gave no indication that you had actually ''read'' the concerns in question. By deliberately ignoring them you showed a contemptuous attitude towards your students. And as you can see from the contributions of others on this issue, I am by far not the only person who is concerned at your increasingly dismissive attitude towards the very people whose minds you are meant to be opening.
::Sadly, this brings us right back to where we started - why are you granting grades of 100% to '''wrong answers'''?
::[[User:RexBanner|RexBanner]] 21:39, 18 October 2011 (EDT)