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/* Conservapedia announcement concerning 2011 and 2012 */
'''High scores are being posted on [[Talk:World History Midterm Exam]]'''. ''Last chance to take the [[World History Midterm Exam]] to see how well you can do!''
== Conservapedia announcement concerning 's new focus for 2011 and 2012 ==
In the remainder of 2011 and in 2012, Conservapedia the [[pro-life]] and [[abortion]] issues are going to be spotlighted to a greater extent in terms of new content and news coverage. Please contribute content to the [[Conservapedia:Pro-life Project]] as your efforts will save lives. We thank those who have created content so far.
Conservapedia's forays into the topics of [[atheism]], [[evolution]] and [[homosexuality]] did provide some helpful content to the public. No doubt our research and new content focusing on the pro-life and abortion issues will provide some helpful content to the public as well.   
==Popular articles at Conservapedia ==