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Essay: Gingrich Administration

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Way too early to tell. I don't see Gingrich running in 2024.
The '''Gingrich Administration''' is would have been the expected leadership of the [[Executive Branch]] of the [[United States]] government from 2013 to 2017, assuming that had [[Newt Gingrich]] wins been able to secure the Republican nomination and win the [[Presidential Election 2012]]. Some have suggested that Gingrich could win the nomination in 2024, despite what would be an advanced age at that time, assuming President [[Trump]] successfully defends his Presidency in 2020. {| class="wikitable"|-!Position!Conservapedia Prediction!Actual Appointment|-|[[President]]|[[Newt Gingrich]]||-|[[Vice President]]|[[Rick Perry]]||-|[[Secretary of State]]|[[Sarah Palin]]||-|[[Secretary of Defense]]|||-|[[Secretary of Health and Human Services]]|[[Mike Huckabee]]||-|[[Attorney General]]|Possibly [[John Yoo]]||-|[[White House Press Secretary]]|a [[Fox News Channel]] analyst||-|Secretary of Veterans Affairs|[ Heather Wilson]||}==Republicans who would not have appeared in a Gingrich Administration==*[[Mitt Romney]] - despite the potential for being able to woo [[RINO]]s and others with whom Romney is popular, Romney's terribly negative campaign against Gingrich has effectively shut him out*[[Chris Christie]] - a major supporter of Romney
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 == Footnotes == <references/> [[Category:politicsPolitics]][[Category:Essays]]{{DEFAULTSORT:Gingrich Administration}}
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