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Democrat National Convention

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he The '''Democratic Democrat National Convention''' , euphemistically called the "Democrat'''''ic''''' National Convention," is a series of [[president]]ial nominating conventions convention that has been held every four years since 1832 for to nominate the presidential candidate for [[Democratic PartyUnited States]] presidential candidate' Democrat party. They also establish a party [[platform]] for that yearat this national convention. But there is nothing "democratic" about this national convention of Democrats; [[pro-life]] views, though shared by many Democrats, are censored from the podium.
In 2012, the Democrats' national convention was held in [[North Carolina]], from Tuesday, September 3, to Friday, September 6. Originally Democrats hoped to win North Carolina and thus chose it as the location for its convention in order to boost its chances, but Republicans seemed likely to carry this state.
<small>''Main article: [[2008 Democratic National Convention]]''</small>
The 2008 convention was held at [[Invesco Field]] in Denver [[Colorado]]. Denver officials had constructed a secret jail to house those that would misbehave in the Mile High City when the Democrats attend their convention. The makeshift holding center, dubbed "Gitmo on the Platte" by activists, contains barbed wire fencing and signs warning of stun gun use. The Steele Street warehouse was designed to process 60 arrestees per hour. <ref>[ City defends 'secret jail' built for DNC]</ref>
Ingrid Mattson, president of the [[Islamic Society of North America]], spoke at a prayer service at the convention. Hidden from the public because nobody debated it at the time, the group has ties to funding [[Hamas]] terrorists and the facts were well known July 2008. Mattson's group says it does not condone terrorism. The Holy Land Foundation and five of its former leaders were convicted of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas for which the ISNA funded and supported. <ref>[http Feds Say Obama Prayer Leader Is From Group Linked to Hamas] Fox News, January 17, 2009</ref>
=== Protest ===
American Right to Life Action, an anti-abortion group, claims to have displayed the largest ever protest sign in history, 530 feet tall and 666 feet wide. The sign says "Destroys uNborn Children" [sic], " with the words appearing one atop each other to also form the acronym "DNC." <ref>[ Right to Life group claims its DNC sign is Guinness record] The Raw Story, August 26, 2008</ref> According to a release from the group, "thousands of DNC delegates and journalists can look out their hotel windows to the west to see the sign." "The tiniest boys and girls should be loved and protected, but as nominating [[Barack Obama]] emphasizes, the [[DNC]] even supports killing kids in the womb old enough to know their mother's voice, sleep and dream, suck their thumbs, and play with their toes." The [[Guinness Book of World Records]] assigned American Right To Life an official world record attempt number: 228132.
=== Stats ===
An unusual phenomenon had recently appeared on Craigslist's Denver Web site. Sex-wanted ads spiked 80% the week which happens to coincide with the Democratic National Convention. Tens of thousands of people had arrived for the convention. Those convention days showed the week-over-week jump in sex ads. Monday increased 77 percent over the average of earlier in the month; Tuesday increased 69 percent; Wednesday's increase was 74 percent. <ref>[ Sex ads on Denver Craigslist spike with Democrats' arrival] CNET News, August 28, 2008</ref>
The 2012 convention is scheduled to held in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Democrat Party will be receiving $50 million in taxpayer money from the [[federal government]] for convention security. <ref>{{cite news|last=Harrison|first=Steve|title=N.C. Police Won't Talk About $25M In Equipment For DNC|url=}}</ref>
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