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Jon Stewart

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Well, he DID describe himself as such.
Jon Stewart has described himself as "more of a [[socialist]] or an [[independent]] than a Democrat."<ref></ref> [[Roger Ailes]] mentioned that Stewart told him he is an [[atheist]].<ref>[ Roger Ailes Says Jon Stewart Told Him He's an Atheist and a Socialist,, November 18, 2010]</ref> He is best known as the host of [[Comedy Central]]'s ''[[The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]]'' and for his political satire.
 Stewart held a "Rally to Restore Sanity" on October 30, 2010, and the following Tuesday voters elected [[conservatives]] in an historic landslide. Stewart had a pay-per-view online debate with Fox News host [[Bill O'Reilly]] on October 6, 2012, at George Washington University, with half of the proceeds going to charity.<ref>[ The Rumble 2012]</ref>==Early Lifelife==Stewart was born in the wealthy, nearly entirely all-white town of Lawrenceville, [[New Jersey]], where the African American and Hispanic populations combined total less than 10%. He graduated from the expensive, private [[College of William and Mary ]] in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1984, where he studied psychology and played on the men's [[soccer ]] team. 
Stewart lives with his wife Tracey Stewart (née McShane) in New York City. They have two children.
Jon Stewart has co-written, with other writers of ''The Daily Show'', ''[[America (The Book)|America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction]]'', which satirizes the American political system, and ''Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race''. Both are crude books full of sophomoric humor such as swearing, vulgarity, tasteless sexual references, and objectionable Photoshopped pictures. Both contain a heavy [[liberal]] slant.
==See Alsoalso==
*''[[The Daily Show]]''
*[[Rally To Restore Sanity]]
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