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Conservapedia:Does History Matter?

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I argue that history does matter because otherwise you have a skewed and unrealistic perception of the way things really are. History is key to understanding one's current situation and the world in which one lives. To understanding the obstacles and dilemmas confronting today's society. You cannot fix the problem if you do not understand the problem. You cannot properly understand where you should stand if you do not understand the background of the groups which exist. In short, without an understanding of history, there is but confusion about oneself, about principles, about organizations, and about society. --[[User:Jzyehoshua|Jzyehoshua]] 17:02, 20 July 2012 (EDT)
OF COURSE HISTORY MATTERS. This is ridiculous that the "No" section exists and that it's too defensive: An Amber Rant:
George Orwell's 1984 is an exaggerated example of how history matters!
There's a requirement in our country that all students need to pass United States history in order to graduate. Imagine if students weren't taught history. They wouldn't be educated about the past. “History repeats itself” is a common phrase that speaks nothing but the truth. Growing up, we need to be well aware about what happened in history and how our government has functioned. We can learn from the past and know what not to do to our country. If we're not educated about history, people of higher power that are well-educated can manipulate what the truth of the past is for the uneducated. The dangers of people not paying attention to what’s around them enables realities to be manipulated, so people accept changes in reality, which ultimately creates the “Big Lie.” The “Big Lie” can be created if the past is erased because lies about the past become the truth. Therefore, in 2012, society needs to pay attention to their past and surroundings. Students don't have to pass United States history in high school for no reason; they need to learn their country's past in order to have a prosperous future.
“Lies become truth” (Orwell).