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Conservapedia:Does History Matter?

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Perhaps people that are too engrossed in their RELIGION don't want to remember history because they're embarrassed of the separation of the church and the state. Perhaps if more individuals read about the Enlightenment in Europe, overly religious people would fear that more and more people would be inspired by the beautiful "Age of Reason," where individualism rather than strict morals and order seemed much more appealing to the eighteenth century people. That's why most people on this website disagree that history matters because they're religious, and history has shown tons of religious faults.
In a society today, history matters very much in the political aspect. Religion might continue to be embarrassed history, and politics can, too, but that's how any aspiring political leader learns. Everyone learns from mistakes. It wouldn't be a cliche phrase if it wasn't so true. How could any president become a sufficient leader if he or SHE didn't understand the making of the laws in the United States, how our government was formed. Presidents can learn from other presidents' terms and know what best works for our country.
It's funny that most people here site the bible for religious evidence, but isn't that historical? It's contradicting all of their arguments when they say that history doesn't matter.
How could we even have any opinions on modern day controversies today without seeing changes over time, without having a foundation (a history) of those modern day controversies?
Someone below implied that history doesn't matter to most teenagers. I'm just here letting you know that I'm a seventeen year old, and I think that learning about history can affect someone's views in the present. I see many people my age become too ignorant and forget about what the reality is like around them. This gives me zero faith in humanity. How many of them are going to be actual "somebodies" if all they care about is materialistic-oriented?
-- Amber