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  • |vp=[[Lyndon Johnson]] |succeeded=[[Lyndon Johnson]]
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  • ...ternal investigation found no deliberate or systematic bias. Conservative MP David Davies commented: "An organisation which is funded partly to scrutini "Boris Johnson: 'Do you want me to be photographed in my Bullingdon Club uniform? With a s
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  • ...biog.jsp</ref> in the May 2008 mayoral election he was defeated by [[Boris Johnson]]. ...ast constituency in north-west London, for most of that period as a Labour MP. He was expelled from the Labour Party in 2000 for standing for the newly c
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  • ...e former MP for Henley is the [[Conservative]] mayor of [[London]] [[Boris Johnson]].
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  • ...ith the results public, resigned his position. Former London Mayor [[Boris Johnson]] was a leader of the Leave camp, though previously supporting Remain. Amon ...r inability to negotiate an agreement on how to implement Brexit. [[Boris Johnson]], an advocate of a "no-deal Brexit" (i.e., leaving the EU without any agre
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  • ...-resigns-government-amid-brexit-rebellion/ British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Resigns Government Amid Brexit Rebellion]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved Ju ...p-like-colony-to-the-eu-after-brexit-idUSKBN1JZ2AH Former foreign minister Johnson warns Britain will end up like colony to the EU after Brexit]. ''Reuters''.
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  • ...stood down and [[Theresa May]] became Prime Minister shortly after. Boris Johnson had his eye on the prize but he was treated with suspicion before being bro ...ompromise candidates in times of crisis so there is an odds-on chance that Boris will not be chosen.
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