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  • *[[Chainsaw]]
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  • off other characters' throats and biting off their heads. A promotional chainsaw shaped controller was released with Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Game C ...characters, by suffocating them with a plastic bag, slicing them up with a chainsaw, shooting them point blank with a nail gun, stabbing them in the eyeballs w
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  • ...ombination yarder-loader), "feller-bunchers", and mechanical delimbers. [[Chainsaw]]s are commonly used. Older logging techniques include "high-lead" logging
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  • ...e amounts of blood and gore. Some well-known slashers included ''The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'', ''Halloween'', ''Friday the 13th'', ''A Nightmare on Elm Street
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  • ...eakly, on how violent video games have become. With a person being able to chainsaw a monster in half with blood coating the screen, horror games that have det as a criminal in some form, Gears of War were as I said above you can chainsaw a beast in half, and Modern Warfare that had a stage that includes gunning
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  • ...terprises.‚Äč Following the sale of that company, Beaird purchased a small chainsaw company founded by Claude Poulan and his brothers and renamed it Beaird-Pou
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