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  • ...ginning is most commonly set at the abdication of the last [[Roman Emperor|Emperor]] of the [[Roman Empire|Western Roman Empire]] in 476 AD, but the [[Visigot]] and the [[French]] in the [[Hundred Years' Wars]], the conquests of [[Charlemagne]], and several peasant revolts.
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  • [[File:Charlemagne bust.jpg|right|250px|thumb|Gilded bust of Charlemagne, commissioned in 1346 by Karl IV (Aachen Cathedral, Germany)]] ...establish the Roman Empire. He was crowned by the [[Pope]] as [[Holy Roman Emperor]] in 800 AD, which marked the beginning of the [[Holy Roman Empire]].
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  • ...III on 25 December 800, although the Empire itself (as well as the title "Emperor") did not come into use until some time later.
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  • ...was the territory in Europe, loosely under the authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. In practice the constituent states ruled themselves. ...Unfortunately, this prosperity was not to last. After the death in 840 of Charlemagne's son and successor, [[Louis the Pious]], the Frankish Empire fell into civ
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  • '''Kaiser''' is a [[German language|German]] title that means “[[emperor]]” and derives from the Roman word for “Caesar” from back in the time title under pressure from [[Napoleon]] in 1806, but had crowned himself Emperor of Austria in 1804.
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  • ...ler of [[History of France|France]] as First Consul from 1799 to 1804, and Emperor of the French, 1804 to 1814. He revolutionized the military applications of ...nch Revolution]], then ended democracy and became First Consul in 1799 and Emperor of France in 1804. He modernized the French military, fiscal, political leg
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  • ...n be traced to 1851, when the French president Louis-Napoléon (soon to be emperor [[Napoleon III]])<ref></ref> dema ...s renounced the treaty. Napoleon III responded by sending a warship, the ''Charlemagne'' to the [[Black Sea]]. This show of force, along with some diplomacy and m
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  • of robbery or even death as they were no longer welcome. The Byzantine Emperor [[Alexius I]] asked for aid from the west both to the Popes and the Christi ...ich eventually reached almost 50,000 total men, was not what the Byzantine Emperor [[Alexius]] had expected. He had hoped for a few thousand well trained mer
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  • ...otal rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and God and Savior: for example the emperor [[Julian|Julian the Apostate]]. [[Council of Nicaea|First Council of Nicaea]] 325, called by the Roman Emperor [[Constantine]] the Great with Pope [[Saint Sylvester I]] sitting on the Th
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  • ...ted his 18-year-old grandnephew, Gaius Octavius, to be his heir and become emperor. Others wanted Mark Antony. Cassius and Brutus also had armies of their o ...assigned to the Roman empire are from 509 B.C. to A.D. 476, when the last emperor was deposed (removed from power). The greatest time period for the Roman e
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  • ...iddle Ages, including the growing "Christendom" in Western Europe, such as Charlemagne (pronounced SHAR-luh-MAIN) and the Carolingian (pronounced kar-uh-LIN-jee-u ...pope of the [[Roman Catholic Church]] ruled over the religious side and an emperor ruled over the secular side, and they were often arguing with each other.
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  • ...ges and in 788, the territory that is present-day Austria was conquered by Charlemagne, who encouraged the adoption of Christianity. In 976, Leopold von Babenberg ...and 19th Centuries, when various wars were fought over their landholdings. Emperor Charles VI (1711-1740) and his daughter Maria Theresa (1740-1780) ruled the
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  • ...the time. It was introduced to the Eastern Roman Empire after the death of Emperor Valens, who favored the [[Arian]] heresy, in 378. Christmas has a unique th regained prominence in the time of Charlemagne, who was crowned as emperor on December 25, 800.
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  • ...lemagne]]'s empire. It later passed under the dominion of the [[Holy Roman Emperor|Holy Roman emperors]] in the form of small ecclesiastic and temporal holdin ...the popular disturbances flaring up following the death of the Holy Roman Emperor in 1291, the ruling families from Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden signed a cha
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  • ...oat of arms for the [[Byzantine Empire]], than later as the standard for [[Charlemagne]]'s Holy Roman Empire, Czarist Russia and the Hapsburg [[Austrian Empire]]. ...s the imperial power and in the apotheosis the sign of the divinity of the emperor.
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  • .... It was called Vandalusia, and today is named Andalusia in honor of them. Emperor Honorius sent the Visigoths to rid the area of barbarians, but when they be ...or around a hundred years weak emperors ruled. But in 527 Justinian became emperor. After the buildings built by Constantine were destroyed in riots, he built
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  • ...[[Piety|Pious]]''' became [[Holy Roman Emperor]] in 814 when his father, [[Charlemagne]], died. During his reign, he sought to continue reform of the monasteries
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  • ...year [[Anno Domini|A.D.]] 800, when [[Charlemagne]] was made [[Holy Roman Emperor]]. By [[Piety|pious]] tradition, the [[Catholic]] laity living near monaste
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  • | title = Emperor's Club Call Girl Photos: Client No. 9, Eliot Spitzer's Fall |author=Post Ch ...f the United States]]''. November 27, 2007.</ref> The bill, known both as "Charlemagne's Law" and "The Puppy Mill Act", strengthens a previous measure he had crea
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