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  • ...d space expanded from then on, and more space is constantly created in the interstices between particles as the density of the universe falls. In other words, th
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  • ...the grains have shapes that allow for small amounts of mud to occur in the interstices, and a ''grainstone'' if there is no mud between the grains.<ref>http://www
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  • ...trong state presence radiating outward from Beijing. Due to administrative interstices, inadequate supervision, access to arms, and economic privation, the thousa
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  • ...n with copper, and was convinced that that combination, with carbon in its interstices, would be stronger than steel, yet much lighter.
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  • ...m Federal and Confederate endeavored to drive home the bayonet through the interstices of the logs. The fire was so intense, that in one instance an oak tree, nea
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