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  • ...of the ancient world, leading Greek forces to the conquest of much of the Middle East, including Persia. * Flower, Michael A. "Not Great Man History: Reconceptualizing a Course on Alexander the Great," ''Classical Wo
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  • A '''Ziggurat''' is a stepped man made "mountain" using mudbricks with a temple on the top.<ref>The Earth and ...invented and built ziggurats that are strikingly similar to those of the [[Middle East]], even though it is believed that the two cultures never communicated
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  •]</ref> ensuring that Virgil's works were well-read through the [[Middle Ages]] to the present. ...]]'', it is Virgil who as the noble [[pagan]] and symbol of wisdom, is the man to lead him through the lower levels of his journey, showing the respect th
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  • ...ORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed. … Now a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; The conflict between the Hebrew (Jewish) and Arab peoples in the Middle East and throughout the world is described by some as a family feud. They
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  • ...ze]] for literature. Egyptian books and films are available throughout the Middle East. ...ts, with 88% of the vote. His two principal challengers, Ayman Nour and No'man Gom'a, took 7% and 3% of the vote respectively. In 2011 Mubarak was overthr
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  • === Classical (Middle) Egyptian === ...or hieroglyphs, cataloguing signs by type or what they depict, i.e. birds, man and his occupations etc. Signs that do not depict particular items are clas
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  • ...Krishna]] (incarnation of [[Vishnu]]) and Arjuna (the great archer) in the middle of the battlefield. ...called different names depending on the relationship has with another. A man can be a son to his parents, a nephew to his uncle, a father to his son, an
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  • ...nism]] which rejects [[god]]s, and theistic [[religion]]s, instead seeing "man as the measure of all things."<ref>Burkhardt, F & Otto, M.C. [https://books ...f much of the [[Roman Catholic]] religious tradition that developed in the Middle Ages, this form of humanism helped lead to the [[Protestantism|Protestant]]
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  • ...Germans unveiled additional surprises. They attempted to parachute a 1,000-man force onto the Hohe Venn's high point at Baraque Michel. Although less than ...inforced VIII Corps, the westernmost force, would drive on Houffalize; the middle force, Millikin's III Corps, would remain on Middleton's right flank headin
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  • ...lso an enhancement of Hobbes' statist views, and essentially advocated for man to be a brute unconstrained by natural law.<ref>https://distributistreview. ...eld as Shaftesbury's adviser is indeed the outstanding circumstance in his middle life. Exeter House afforded every opportunity for society. He became intima
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  • * [[Constantine]] the Great ''(311-337)''. He was the first man since Diocletian to rule the entire empire, and the first emperor to public ...the fact that the Eastern Empire shifted away from Roman culture as the [[Middle Ages]] progressed, it was the direct continuation of the Roman Empire, and
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  • By the middle of the fifteenth century, scholars in the curia--like the brilliant archite == Middle Ages architecture ==
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  • ...nd dialectical. Its ''system'' was a set of doctrines about the nature of man, God, creation, and the relation between these. Its ultimate goal was the
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  • ...ent (deer, lemmings, beaver, etc.), they have been hard hit as a result of man's long occupation in Europe. The once common brown bear (''Ursus arctos'') ...shifted due the [[European migrant crisis]] which is causing an influx of Middle Eastern and African immigrants who are generally more religious.
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  • ...nized by the European nations. This colonization was an example of "white man's burden", the belief that the Africans were unable to develop civilization ...ontrols. Britain gave the new nations a free hand, and most set up strong-man governments. In the case of the Portuguese and Belgian colonies, total chao
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  • ...all land bridge at the Gulf of Corinth (this has since been divided by the man-made Corinthian Canal), as well as nearly all the islands within the [[Aege ...has growing political and economic ties with the Balkan countries and the Middle East.
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  • ...fleeing northward and, apparently, not attempting another invasion of the Middle East. Centuries would pass before their apparent descendants the [[Russia]] ...the rebellion of Jehoiakim's son [[Jehoiachin]]. Nebuchadnezzar took this man and all his family hostage to Babylon and placed his uncle [[Zedekiah]] on
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  • ...r its high originality and imagination. The hotels were modernized, upper middle class residents took in visitors, and even the Japanese—the hated foes of strengthen one's body and to get rid of the humiliating label of "Sick Man of Asia," a derogatory term imposed on the Chinese by foreign powers. In re
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  • As Europe was emerging from the Middle Ages and experiencing the Renaissance, people had the curiosity and the cou ...illed craftsmen or farmers. The journey across the Atlantic, known as the Middle Passage, led to the death of 10-20% of the African slaves. But an even hig
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  • ...of the sun and truth. In Socrates' thought experiment of a myth this freed man is then forced to return to the cave, where he tries to tell his companions ===Middle===
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