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  • ...the details we have constructed about Anglo-Saxon life come from the text of ''Beowulf''.<ref></re ...rendel is jealous of the Danes' happiness, so one night he devours several of the best warriors while they sleep. These attacks continue, and soon the D
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  • ...ed an alliance with France that equalized the military and naval strengths of the two sides. The basic cause was the refusal of the British government to allow Americans a voice in setting taxes. Those t
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  • | combatant1 =[[United States of America]] ...e United States Book 4) (p. 313). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition. p. 658-659.</ref> For its part, Britain felt that emergency measures were jus
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  • ...aptable enemies. His most used tactic wat to lead a surge into the center of his enemy, dividing them and then bring his remaining forces into a flankin ...sidered the first successful codification that strongly influenced the law of many other countries.
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  • ...s of many American reform movements past and present, especially abolition of slavery, Indians' rights, prohibition, women's rights, civil rights, prison ...Society of Friends (Conservative), and the more fundamentalist Association of Evangelical Friends. The denomination has a special appeal to disaffected
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  • ...g operations wasted it away on the eastern front after 1942. It lost most of its remaining fighter planes to Mustangs in 1944 while trying to defend aga ...pply ran dry in 1944, it was reduced to anti-aircraft flak roles, and many of its men were sent to infantry units. By 1944 it operated 39,000 flak batte
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  • ..., negotiating the Treaty of Paris, and serving as the first Vice President of the United States under President [[George Washington]]. ...France, the [[XYZ Affair]], the founding of the [[U.S. Navy]], the passage of [[Alien and Sedition Acts]], building a new national army, and an unexpecte
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  •|thumb|300px|right|Alger Hiss.<br>''Photo courtesy U.S. Bureau of Prisons'']] Experience]'' [New Haven: Yale University Press, 1998] ISBN 0300077564, p. 146)</ref>
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  • ...x|Middle Eastern migrants traveling through [[Slovenia]] in 2015, a result of [[open borders]].]] ...mass execution of 200 Syrian children, 2014]</ref> and a tsunami in excess of 6 million homeless migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and jihadis invading
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  • ...only-18-world-population-2020 Global Study: Atheists in Decline, Only 1.8% of World Population by 2020]</ref> See: [[Global atheism statistics]] ]] ...ularization can also occur through [[Divine Providence|providential]] acts of [[God]] and in reaction to God granting [[Christian]]'s prayers.<ref>
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  • [[Image:LouisXIV.jpg|thumb|300px|right|King Louis XIV of France and Navarre, by [[Hyacinthe Rigaud]]]] ...sformed medieval France and introduced a more refined, sophisticated style of life.
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  • | caption = Title page of the first edition ...el]] by [[Herman Melville]] published November 14, 1851, is considered one of the finest novels in the [[English]] language. Initially a sales flop, it w
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  • ...books?id=wMhBQ0WdjF4C&pg=PA199#v=onepage&q&f=false</ref> mostly consisting of teenagers and the unemployed.<ref name="">http://www.there ...y">[ Uncommo
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  • ...he first and second centuries A.D. Though the exact origins of this school of thought cannot be traced with any certainty, it is possible to infer that c ...nd Judaism in his book Agon:<ref>{{cite book |title=Agon: towards a theory of revisionism|author=Harold Bloom|publisher=Oxford University Press|year=1982
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  • ...telligence Agency|CIA]] agent. It was written after the 1975 assassination of CIA Athens Station Chief [[Richard Welch]] by the [[Greece|Greek]] [[terror ...s of the world."<ref>[ Agee's Revenge], It's past time to kill the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, Jesse
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  • [[Harmony of the Gospel (Conservative Version)|Introduction (Main article)]] [[Harmony of the Gospel (Conservative Version) longer form|Index]]
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  • ...l family emerged, which strengthened the power of the crown at the expense of the nobility, while giving the nobles privileges such as exemption from tax ...of a political nature, St. Bridget provided Sweden with its greatest piece of medieval literature
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  • | headquarters = 430 South Capitol Street SE<br>(next to the [[Murder of Seth Rich|Seth Rich bike rack]])<ref><small>[ ..., Andrew Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt. Jackson is considered the founder of the party. Jackson, who implemented the Indian Removal Act, is slated to ha
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  • |map2 =Location of Kenya.png |arms =Arms of Kenya.jpg
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  • ...rch was officially named the ''Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity'', abbreviated as HSA-UWC, but is now officially named a Rev. Moon, who wrote ''[[Crown of Glory]]'' as a young teenager, had an unusually cheery and positive attitud
    34 kilobytes (5,252 words) - 02:20, 19 May 2019

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