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I'm looking for a purpose or point here.

  1. This page seems to be just a collection of links to Conservative's expansive library of articles on homosexuality. Can anybody think of a reason not to delete it?
  2. The rest of the cited page of Falwell quotations does not cast him in a very positive light, such as quoting him saying that Billy Graham is the chief servant of Satan in American, or something similar. If that's the intention, then it's fine with me, but I'm guessing that that's not the case Corry 16:51, 18 October 2008 (EDT)
Yeah, a collection of quotes by someone isn't a reference. It basically boils down to proof by assertion. HelpJazz 14:12, 19 October 2008 (EDT)
The above was written before content was added.Daniel1212 22:00, 19 March 2010 (EDT)
Yes, and we must also continue to address the controversy over the extent to which homosexuality is a condition which is "caused" by physical, inherited factors and or is a lifestyle which one adopts in response to one's social environment. For example, sensitive, "artistic" young men with weak or rejecting fathers appear to have a higher incident of becoming homosexual. --Ed Poor Talk 14:05, 20 March 2010 (EDT)

Homosexuality and female promiscuity

I remember that I read somewhere that there was a study linking female promiscuity to male homosexuality. IIRC, the hypothesis was that both were caused by a mutation in the X-chromosome; it was dominant in females causing a tendency to promiscuity, and, as with other diseases related to the X chromosome, it was the only gene in males causing a tendency to homosexuality. But I can't find this study now (not sure if it was suppressed for being politically incorrect). Sunda62 10:25, 4 June 2010 (EDT)

Homosexuals being attracted to the same gender

"Secular studies also indicate that most homosexuals have been attracted to the opposite gender." Does that make sense? I want to see this source.

Conflicting info on 'Causes of Homosexuality' and 'Homosexuality' Pages

The 'Causes of Homosexuality' page says that homosexuality is not a choice, but has a number of social/environmental factors. On the 'Homosexuality' page, it says homosexuality is a choice. It's reasoning behind this is that Roman Catholics and most American Protestant ministers agree that homosexuality is a choice. Make up your mind!

Biblical explanation

What makes the Bible "the most comprehensive transcendent moral authority"? Maybe it is to some people, but not to everyone. And just because it is to some people, doesn't make it so. What makes the Bible any more important than the Qur'an?


Give an explanation, or revert your edit. That was quite silly, if you ask me. brenden 17:18, 16 January 2013 (EST)

You are not going to water down articles to conform to your homosexual perversity. Conservative 17:53, 16 January 2013 (EST)
Right. You, are really stepping near the line, C.brenden 17:54, 16 January 2013 (EST)
Persist and I will get you banned. Thank you. Conservative 17:55, 16 January 2013 (EST)
Do it, thenbrenden 17:55, 16 January 2013 (EST)
Just persist in attempting to water down homosexuality articles and your wish will be granted. Conservative 17:58, 16 January 2013 (EST)
Also, check your mailbrenden 17:59, 16 January 2013 (EST)
In the interests of civility I suggest you both go away for 5 to 10 minutes and chill out a bit. Dvergne 18:04, 16 January 2013 (EST)
I died reading this. RIP Whiterose. Whiterose (talk) 19:20, 22 April 2017 (EDT)