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But you can't assume that God is temporally limited like us mere mortals. He can create the rock so heavy he can't lift it one minute, then, the next minute, he lifts it. Just because we can't conceive of it, doesn't mean God can't lift it.

I just wanted to put my loose change into this debate. I love the picture that this question creates. Aside from all the arguments about logical and physical impossibilities, etc.... (BTW: This is one area of philosophical development in itself, i.e. Linguistical Analysis) On to my picture. Could God create the rock? Yes. Could he lift it? Yes, but it would take all eternity. This is a beautiful picture of God! The rock would be ever increasing in size and God's ability to lift it would be ever increasing. Does that sound like anything you ever heard of? God's state of becoming would go on for all eternity. Just as Hawking has said - there does not appear that there will be an end to the Universe. Hawking also says that we don't know why we had the Big Bang in the first place. Maybe God asked himself the question which is the subject of this debate. About all those other questions about square circles and such... If our Universe is not the only universe there is... If there is a Multiverse (to account for missing matter in our Universe). Then our laws of logic and physics would not apply. And who knows what could exist in 11 different dimensions? I think we are just limited by our own imaginations. Chris Cjschiltz 16:57, 13 May 2012 (EDT)