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Using "Digg" as a noun

Specifically, I'm confused by this statement"

Digg has been accused of being stricter on conservatives’ posting than other groups. Digg has said that it treats all groups equally. In their defense, they have said that many of the individuals that were banned were publishing hate speech such as articles by the American Nazi Party and outright lies.

Since the website is kind of run by the readers, is it the readers/users that are stricter on conservatives, or is it the owners of the website that it's referring to? As it is, the statement gives the website a sort of sentience, not too mention a voice with "Digg has said...". The last sentence talks about a plural "they," but never defines it, considering "Digg" is used as a singular beforehand. I'd fix it myself, but I really don't know what the intention was here. LiamG 23:04, 14 December 2008 (EST)