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Re-Added Conservative Point of View Deleted by Liberal Evolutionist Brit User:EJamesW

I re-added the Conservative point-of-view to the Charlie Hebdo article after its deletion by liberal editor User:EJamesW. I read French and lived in France 4 years and speak fluent French. As I walked to the Paris Metro everyday for work, I would see the covers of Charlie Hebdo, so I am very familiar this left wing atheist socialist French satirical weekly newspaper. Charlie Hebdo features generally vulgar cartoons (often with stylized cartoon versions of homosexual acts on the cover), articles and profane jokes that "celebrate" freedom of speech for liberal values frequently via blasphemy towards any form of religion, but especially Catholicism and Islam.

My liberal co-workers, colleagues and boss in Paris would try to get me to read Charlie Hebdo, but it's crass "humor" was not interesting to me. See details on its' front covers:

I created this essay to respond urgently to the hoplophobic Liberals on Conservapedia, liberal media elite mainstream media and Obama Administration / John Kerry State Department propaganda which will never link liberal gun control and it's gun free zones (a.k.a. "free fire zones") with the greater ease which which Islam/Muslim Jihadist terrorists can operate in liberal bastions like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Paris. Instead, "progressives" / Nanny state protectionists will call for even greater gun control. Since AK-47's were used by the Muslim terrorists, the "progressive police state" advocating Obama-Eric Holder-Diane Feinstein-Chuck Schumer-Barbara Boxer-Michael Bloomberg-Jared Polis-Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-Hollywood "cabal" will re-"Demand a Plan" for Universal background checks and to reinstate the Clinton era DiFi-inspired Assault Weapons Ban (this time without a sunset clause expiration date). At the same time RINOs including Fox News, but not actual American conservatives or libertarians, will demand to "over police", expand and increase the perpetual War on Terror - War on Drugs American Police state powers of mass surveillance. Neither of these two groups will ever mention the unalienable Second Amendment mandate for universal "Constitutional carry" (both concealed carry and open carry) liberty among law-abiding American citizens who can then better act as "sheep dogs" (see Oath Keepers) rather than "sheeple" (see Japanese World War II Admiral Yamamoto "A rifle behind every blade of grass" summary/synthesis 'quote').

TheAmericanRedoubt 16:52, 12 January 2015 (EST)

Comments from Others

'Obama says the newspaper exercised bad judgment and brought this upon themselves.'

Can you add a citation to this claim? EJamesW 16:42, 12 January 2015 (EST)

Show some machismo!

Don't delete your 'essay' when somebody calls you out! Show some Conservative back-bone and stand by what you have published! EJamesW 17:08, 12 January 2015 (EST)

User:EJamesW I was moving it to a better title with the key word "liberal" in it, certainly not deleting it. Although I have block ability, I do not have delete article ability. Feel free to post at: Talk:Essay:France_Pays_Dearly_-_Liberal_Gun_Control_Laws_and_Gun_Free_Zones_that_Welcome_Terrorists TheAmericanRedoubt 18:21, 12 January 2015 (EST)

What kind of person are you? Do you not stand by what you wrote? You made definite claims in your article - Stand by what you wrote and answer my question. You wrote 'Obama says the newspaper exercised bad judgment and brought this upon themselves'. Please supply the citation for this claim! EJamesW 18:27, 12 January 2015 (EST)

British Liberal Evolutionist User:EJamesW Changing My Essay Title by Removing the Word Liberal

British liberal evolutionist User:EJamesW should not be doggedly hounding trolling / liberal bullying by deliberately changing the title of my essay (Essay:France Pays Dearly - Liberal Gun Control Laws and Gun Free Zones that Welcome Terrorists) in the Essay page to remove the word liberal from the title. I guess he doesn't think that gun control, ammunition control and gun free zones were created by the progressive police state. See: and User_talk:EJamesW#British_Liberal_Evolutionist_User:EJamesW_Changing_My_Essay_Title_by_Removing_the_Word_Liberal

TheAmericanRedoubt 11:49, 18 January 2015 (EST)