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Template: Bio
Use on Biographies
Use for Biography infobox
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name of person no Defaults to page name
image Name of image no
image-width Width of image no Defaults to 200px
yob Year of birth no See note B
dob Date and Month of birth no See note B
yod Year of death no See note B
dod Date and month of death no See note B
husband Name of husband no
husband-raw Name of husband no See note A
wife Name of wife no
wife-raw Name of wife no See note A
birthplace Place of birth no
birthplace-raw Place of birth no See note A

This template uses template {{bio header}} as it basis.

NOTE A: Parameters of the form xxxx-raw are alternatives to the non-raw form. These should be used instead of the non-raw form to (a) provide links where the article name is different to the displayed name, or (b) where a link is not wanted. For example, if the capital of a country is Washington, but the page name for that capital is Washington D.C., then you would type capital-raw=[[Washington D.C.|Washington]]. If, instead, the page name is simply Washington, then capital=Washington is all that is needed, and will automatically be linked. If both non-raw and raw forms are supplied, the non-raw form will be ignored.

NOTE B: The date of birth/death rows will display if either the year or date is provided. The full date (day of month, month, and year) should be provided for the sake of accuracy.