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TempleOS, previously known as the J Operating System, LoseThos and SparrowOS, is a x86_64 64-bit operating system created by Terry A. Davis over the course of a decade after receiving a revelation from God. TempleOS is destined to be the Gods third temple, as prophesized in the Bible. TempleOS was designed with the explicit instructions of God, being that of 640x480 resolution, 16 colors and single voice audio. It was built using HolyC, the programming language blessed by God himself, and subsequently stolen and mutilated by Bell Labs, stripped of its Holy-ness to become the C language. Disgraceful.

TempleOS has been described by the disinherited as "too simplistic" and "not gods third temple" but they are simply incorrect. Mr. Davis created TempleOS to the precise word of God, and not an inch out of line. His methods of communication with God have been unfaithfully described as a "random number generator", but the foolish masses simply do not possess the supreme intelligence required to communicate with God via a digital medium.