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The Road West (TV series)

Though best remembered for his role as Sheriff Patrick Garrett in The Tall Man, Barry Sullivan had the starring role in another NBC series, The Road West.

The Road West is an American western television series that aired twenty-nine episodes on NBC from September 12, 1966 to May 1, 1967. Rebroadcasts continued until August 28. The hour-long series, sponsored by Kraft Foods, aired in the 9 p.m. Eastern Monday time slot opposite The Andy Griffith Show and Family Affair with Brian Keith on CBS and the crime drama Felony Squad and the prime time soap opera, Peyton Place on ABC.[1] The Perry Como Kraft Music Hall originally alternated with the series as monthly specials.

Cast and premise

The Road West stars Patrick Barry Sullivan (1912-1994), who formerly was cast as the real figure, Sheriff Pat Garrett, on the NBC western The Tall Man. In The Road West, Barry Sullivan, as he is known, plays Benjamin "Ben" Pride, the patriarch of a pioneer family in Kansas. Kathryn Hays plays Ben's second wife, Elizabeth Pride. Andrew Lewis Prine (born 1936) was cast as Ben's 30-year-old son, Timothy "Tim" Pride, and Brenda Scott played the daughter, Midge Pride. Prine and Scott, who played brother and sister in the series, had been briefly married in real life prior to the debut of the program. Other cast members were Kelly Corcoran as son Kip Pride; Glenn Corbett as Chance Reynolds, Elizabeth's brother; and Charles Seel as Tom Pride, Ben's father and the grandfather of the family.[2]

The Prides left Springfield, Ohio where the family had lived for several generations and moved west shortly after the American Civil War. Ben, a widower, marries Elizabeth Reynolds, played by Hays, who is twenty-one years his junior and only three years older than stepson Tim, played by Prine.

Notable guest stars

The Road West featured some well-known guest stars. In the two-part premiere episode entitled "This Savage Land", George C. Scott appeared as Jud Barker; Roy Roberts as Dr. Reynolds; John Drew Barrymore as Stacey Daggart, and Rex Holman as India.

James Gammon and Barbara Anderson each appeared in two episodes, as Deputy Virgil Bramley and Barbara. Other notable guest stars include Michael Ansara, Wendell Corey, Michael Constantine, William Fawcett, Katharine Ross, Jack Dodson, Strother Martin, Keenan Wynn, Gena Rowlands, Kurt Russell, Tisha Sterling, Jay C. Flippen, Tom Tryon, Cloris Leachman, Gavin MacLeod, John M. Pickard, and Rex Trailer.​

Episode list

​ 1. "This Savage Land (Part 1), September 12, 1966​.
2. "This Savage Land (Part 2), September 19, 1966​.
3. "The Gunfighter", September 26, 1966​.
4. "The Lean Years," October 3, 1966.​
5. "This Dry and Thirsty Land," October 10, 1966​.
6. "Long Journey to Leavenworth," October 17, 1966.,
7. "Ashes and Tallow and One True Love," October 24, 1966​.
8. "Piece of Tin," October 31, 1966.
​ 9. "Lone Woman," November 7, 1966​.
10. "Shaman," November 14, 1966.
​ 11. "To Light a Candle," November 21, 1966​.
12. "Pariah," December 5, 1966​.
13. "Have You Seen the Aurora Borealis?," December 12, 1966​.
14. "Power of Fear," December 26, 1966​.
15. "Reap the Whirlwind," January 9, 1967​.
​ 16. "Beyond the Hill," January 16, 1967.
17. "The Predators," January 23, 1967​.
18. "A Mighty Hunter Before the Lord," January 30, 1967​.
19. "No Sanctuary," February 6, 1967​.
20. "The Insider," February 13, 1967​.
21. "Road to Glory," February 20, 1967.
​ 22. "Fair Ladies of France," February 27, 1967.
23. "Never Chase a Rainbow," March 6, 1967.
24. "Eleven Miles to Eden," March 13, 1967​.
25. "Charade of Justice," March 27, 1967​.
26. "The Eighty-Seven Dollar Bride," April 3, 1967​.
27. "A War for the Gravediggers," April 10, 1967.
28. "The Agreement," April 24, 1967​.
29. "Elizabeth's Odyssey," May 1, 1967​.


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