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Ugliness is the opposite of beauty but may also imply menace or intractability.

Bible verses on ugliness

Atheists and ugliness

Atheist killer Devin Patrick Kelley

The atheist PZ Myers, quoting fellow leftist Alex Nichols, said that jibes associating outspoken atheists with neckbeards (among other things) caused many liberals/leftists to leave the atheist tent and those who remained for the most part lacked in social skills and self-awareness.[1] See also: Atheism and social skills and Atheism and social outcasts

See also: Atheists and physical attractiveness and Atheism and social outcasts and Atheism and obesity

The English anthropologist Edward Dutton indicates that using right-wing politics as a proxy for religiosity, there is evidence that atheists are less attractive and he pointed out that right-wing politicians are more likely to have symmetrical faces according to a study.[2]

The American contrarian blog Half Sigma declared about atheism and social outcasts:

...atheists are most likely to live alone.

This is not surprising. Atheists are less I observed this once when I was living in Washington, DC, and I wandered by an atheist convention happening on the mall. The atheist were predominately male, and significantly uglier than average.

This is because ugly people become social outcasts, and social outcasts are more likely to be attracted to outcast movements like atheism, libertarianism, communism, etc.

Jay Fink writes:

If you are attractive and have a good social life you will generally not be interested in out of the mainstream groups or ideas. Why buck the status quo when it's working in your interests?[3]

In the Western World, atheists have lower marriage rates (see: Atheism and marriage). In addition, compared to deeply religious cultures where an extended family and a sense of community often exists, secular countries are often lonelier societies (See: Atheism and loneliness).

See also

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