United States House of Representatives election in Virginia's 2nd district, 2022

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Official portrait of Luria for the 116th Congress.

The 2022 United States House of Representatives election in Virginia's 2nd district will be held on November 8, 2022 amidst other races in the 2022 U.S. House elections. Elaine Luria, the incumbent congresswoman from the eastern portion of the state that covers the Accomack, Northampton and York counties, is facing re-election in a formidable environment due to the state's shift towards the Republicans, evident in the 2021 statewide races.

An establishment Democrat, Luria has accepted corporate PAC money to pay off campaign debts despite having once vowed to refuse such donations.[1]

According to ProPublica, Luria voted with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 92% of the time in the 116th Congress.[2] Despite this, liberal-leaning media outlets including the Associated Press consider her a supposed "moderate Democrat."[3]


State Sen. Kiggans, who is vying for the seat.

The mostly suburban congressional district narrowly voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election,[4] in which grassroots Republican Scott Taylor was also elected from the district as an anti-establishment candidate, succeeding retiring establishment RINO Scott Rigell. Taylor lost to Luria in 2018 narrowly, and the district in 2020 re-elected Luria in addition to favoring Biden over Trump by several percentage points.[4]

In the 2021 elections, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin carried the suburban district over Terry McAuliffe in an upset victory, signifying a potential rightward turn towards the GOP once again.


Luria has not yet announced her intent for the midterm race. Several Republicans have announced their bids for the seat, including former U.S. Navy helicopter pilot and current state senator Jen Kiggans of Virginia Beach.[5][6] In her announcement bid, Kiggans said:

I’m running for Congress because I have the courage to fight back against this progressive agenda, to help Republicans win back control of the House, to balance the power in Washington, and give the workers, families, and job creators of the Second District the results they deserve.

—Jennifer Kiggans, April 2021


Luria has flip-flopped over the proposal of raising the minimum wage to $15/hour,[7] once refusing to support it[8] while currently being a co-sponsor of a left-wing effort to mandate such nationwide.[9] Luria previously owned a small business where she paid workers at less than that rate.[10]

Term limits

Kiggans is a supporter of congressional term limits and signed a pledge to back a term limit Constitutional Amendment if elected to the House,[11] stating in a press release:[12]

Term limits on elected officials will help guarantee the will of the people, not special interests or career politicians, are being heard.

—Jennifer Kiggans, May 2021

School choice

In mid-December 2021, The Washington Free Beacon published an article highlighting Rep. Luria's hypocrisy on school choice.[13] Kiggans released the following statement on Twitter:[14]

Elaine Luria served as President of the Tidewater Montessori School at the same time as she campaigned against charter schools and voucher programs in 2018. I have been a consistent advocate for school choice and will continue to fight for it in Washington! #ParentsMatter #VA02

—Jennifer Kiggans, December 17, 2021

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