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Susan Collins

Sara Gideon

The 2020 United States Senate election in Maine was a Senate election that was held on November 3, 2020, concurring with other congressional races in addition to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Incumbent RINO senator Susan Collins, up for re-election, ran for a fifth term in office. Trapped between pressure from both liberals who she traditionally appealed to and conservatives who seek to unify the Republican Party behind a strongly conservative message and beyond the weak leadership led by establishmentarians during the Obama era, Collins faced the hardest re-election fight in her political career, as strong disdain from both sides in her relatively liberal home state of Maine had set up a key battleground in the 2020 U.S. Senate elections. Her re-election proved to require a significant backing from independent voters who have long provided the crucial support for her previous landslide victories.

The primaries were held on July 14, 2020.[1]

During the campaign, Gideon was compared to former U.S. senator William Dodd "Bill" Hathaway as fake polls showed her leading Collins in the general election.[2][3] Hathaway defeated four-term RINO incumbent Margaret Chase Smith in the 1972 elections after attacking her for not being sufficiently left-wing, and many anticipated a likely repeat in the 2020 Senate race.

Republican primary

Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins ran for re-election, and faced a tough fight in her bid to serve for an additional six years in the United States Senate. Facing strong conservative pressure in the Trump era, Collins has overall maintained a very moderate record on legislation, although she tended to align herself more with her party line on judicial confirmations,[4] especially with her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh despite the mob-led smear against the latter.[5] In addition, Collins supported[6] and provided the crucial last Senate vote in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a Republican-led bill that lowered taxes and significantly boosted the economy.[7] However, among Collins' key votes in bucking with her party included voting against Obamacare repeal efforts[8] and against banning late-term abortion.[9]

According to The Portland Press Herald on May 12, 2020, Sen. Collins was named the most bi-partisan senator by the Lugar Center for the seventh year in a row.[10]

Collins easily won her primary election uncontested,[11] aside from one write-in challenger.

Democrat primary

Sara Gideon

Sara Gideon, a state representative from Maine's 48th district and the current speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, ran to unseat Susan Collins. Despite being a far-left totalitarian progressive,[12] Gideon was backed by the Democrat establishment in a massive attempt to defeat the incumbent Sen. Collins,[13] as the latter's record for the last three years supposedly "prove" how she is not liberal enough, despite having twenty years of a liberal record prior to that.

Gideon has advocated for higher taxes; her husband reportedly has a "shady" tax history.[14]

Ethics issues

Gideon faced an ethics complaint after breaking the law in accepting reimbursements for her Senate campaign.[15] In addition, it was reported that Gideon's campaign lacked transparency, with their ads being funded by dark money groups.[16]


As noted by a guest column from The Portland Press Herald in late April 2020, Susan Collins acted as a strong leader amidst the coronavirus pandemic while Gideon merely attempted to exploit the outbreak into political ploys.[17]

A hypocrite, Gideon disregarded due process during the Kavanaugh smear although remained silent on the allegations against Joe Biden made by Tara Reade.[18]

According to an opinion article by the Washington Examiner on May 13, 2020, Sara Gideon merely acts as a partisan politician shilling for abortion "rights" compared to Sen. Collins' concerns about justice.[19]

Gideon has faced criticism after avoiding a primary debate[20] and later participating in a PAC fundraiser.[21]

Bre Kidman

Bre Kidman, a self-described “non-binary” democratic socialist who endorsed Bernie Sanders for the 2020 U.S. presidential election,[22] also ran in the Democrat primary. An advocate of using violence for political means, Kidman unveiled a guillotine as her campaign logo,[22] asserting that a “violent uprising becomes inevitable” if government issues aren't resolved.

Betsy Sweet

Far-left activist Betsy Sweet is also ran in the Democrat primary. A hypocrite, she claimed on the main page of her campaign website that “every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect”,[23] while also asserting in a "Priorities" subpage that abortion is a supposed “woman's right to choose”.[24]

Primary results

Gideon ultimately won the Democrat primary with over 70% of the votes cast.[11]


Gideon has been strongly criticized for reportedly being complicit in a child sex abuse scandal implicating a Maine Democrat state representative, who faced multiple allegations of preying on young girls;[25] the former had apparently taken insufficient action. It was later reported in early September 2020 initially by the Washington Free Beacon that Gideon had blocked an ethics investigation into the matter.[26] It was reported by Breitbart in late October 2020 that the state representative had cast a crucial vote for Gideon to become Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.[27] Unsurprisingly, she has also blocked legislation to outlaw female genital mutilation because they were somehow "racist".[28]

It was initially reported by the Washington Free Beacon on September 3, 2020 that Gideon's campaign staffers had donated to bail out violent thugs in the DFL riots via the Minnesota Freedom Fund.[29]

The Washington Times reported in early October 2020 that Collins was open to meeting with Amy Coney Barrett.[30]

Gideon has received the backing of donors from Portland, Oregon.[31]

Susan Collins’ approval rating

Due to having a very moderate record and being unable to sufficiently appease both conservatives and liberals in the Trump era, Sen. Collins' statewide approval rating has plummeted from once being the second-most popular senator[32] to second-least popular by July 2019.[33] Her approval ratings kept dropping over time, and by April 2020, only around 37% of voters in Maine approved of the senator, according to a poll,[34] although it's important to note that the polling had a low sample size.

Far-left attacks against Collins

Far-leftists outraged over Collins' victory in the general election demonstrated their sheer stupidity in being utterly ignorant of split-ticket voting.
See also: Liberal whining, Left-wing violence in the Trump era

Susan Collins was subject to sexist attacks by The New York Times after having supported and voted in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.[35]

Prior to the Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh, a leftist threatened to rape a member of the Collin's staff such that she votes in favor of confirming Kavanaugh.[36] Around this time, the senator's office was also sent an obscene “three-foot-long cardboard cutout of male genitalia”.[37]

After having voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, Susan Collins was subject to nationwide mass leftist hysteria, with the militant atheist Kathy Griffin calling for the senator to “go to hell”.[38]

Sen. Collins was subject to racist attacks by the anti-Semitic Linda Sarsour merely for being a white woman.[39]

The far-left author Stephen King has lied about Susan Collins' Senate record, claiming that the latter was supposedly “silent” on “the unfair way Merrill Garland was treated”,[40] despite this being downright false, in addition to the fact that King, despite having authored well-known books, had ironically misspelled Merrick Garland with "Merrill".

As reported by the Daily Caller in April 2019, a woman in Maine was charged and sentenced to ten years in prison for sending to Sen. Collins a letter coated in ricin.[41]

After having voted to acquit Donald Trump on the sham impeachment articles, Collins reported that she was receiving death threats from deranged leftists.[42]

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak and the U.S. Senate negotiating a massive stimulus bill to provide aid to Americans, Senator Collins requested unanimous consent to speak on the Senate floor when she was blocked by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.[43] Later, when given a chance to speak, Collins harshly called out the Democrats for objecting to and blocking efforts to proceed with the stimulus, calling it “disgraceful”.[44] In response to this, the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked Collins and misleadingly claimed that the latter “fought HARD to strip pandemic prep funding”.[45] In addition, this was cited by the far-left hate group Occupy Democrats to further attacking the senior senator.[46]

After Sara Gideon's campaign released an ad attacking Sen. Collins for having worked hard on the Paycheck Protection Program amidst the CCP pandemic (while Gideon adjourned the state legislature[47]), it received a "Three Pinocchios" rating from the left-wing Washington Post in mid-June 2020 for being “highly misleading”.[48]

Election analysis

See also: Ranked-choice voting

Both the Cook Political Report and Politico have rated the general election as a "tossup".[49] Given this, in addition to low approval ratings for the incumbent Sen. Collins, as mentioned above, many expected a very uphill battle for the RINO senior senator, although this may not necessarily be the situation. Given that a certain degree of Democrat crossover appeal still have remained, as well as increasing support from conservative Republicans for the Kavanaugh confirmation vote and against the impeachment coup, in addition to possibly enough appeal to independents as a moderate in comparison to the radical leftist Sara Gideon, Susan Collins was noted to have a potential to be re-elected despite leftist opposition.

A poll by Public Policy Polling was released in mid-August 2020 showing Gideon leading Collins by 5% among respondents;[50] an analysis by a Conservapedia editor here showed that, had the samples been weighed properly, the poll demonstrates that the election is a tossup and not leaning Democrat.

Due to ranked-choice voting potentially installed unconstitutionally in the state of Maine for federal elections in the state in 2020,[51] Collins was inclined to lose her seat; this is due to the fact that those who prefer left-wing third party candidates are much more likely to rank Gideon higher than Collins. Thus, even if Collins would hold a plurality initially, she could lose after all the votes are re-distributed.

General election results

Despite highly inaccurate polling, Collins won re-election in a major upset, defeating Gideon by nine points with 51% of the vote and carrying all but two counties in the state.[52] Liberals displayed massive meltdowns on Twitter,[53] and it was also noted that she beat the bigoted Lincoln Project,[54] which sought her defeat. At a speech during Election Night, Collins said:

The other side thought that they could come to Maine, and just run negative ads, dump loads and loads, millions and millions of dollars of dollars, and just buy this Senate seat. But is that the Maine way? NO! It certainly is not.[55]

Collins significantly outperformed Trump in Maine, demonstrating her popularity and familiarity with voters despite being heavily despised by far-leftists.

Some liberals who attacked Trump for questioning the validity of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results have baselessly and hypocritically questioned the integrity of the Senate general election Collins won.

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