United States presidential election, 1912

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By the 1912 United States presidential election, President William Howard Taft was not popular and did not seem to carry on Theodore Roosevelt's basic popularity. His political reputation was hurt worse when Roosevelt openly expressed his disapproval of Taft's policies as President. When the Republican convention took place Taft won the nomination, so Roosevelt formed his own party called the Progressive Party. It would commonly be called Roosevelt's "Bull-Moose" campaign. The Democrats nominated Woodrow Wilson as their candidate. Because of the huge split in the Republican Party the Democrats had an advantage that resulted in the victory of Wilson.[1]


Candidate Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Woodrow Wilson Democratic 6,296,284 435
Theodore Roosevelt Progressive 4,122,721 88
William Howard Taft Republican 3,486,242 8
Eugene V. Debs Socialist 901,551 0
Eugene W. Chafin Prohibition 208,156 0
Others 33,880 0



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