United States presidential election, 1928

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The Republican presidency of Calvin Coolidge was very popular. The economy was looking so good the decade was called the 'roaring twenties.' Coolidge would doubtless have won the election had he decided to run. However, he decided not to seek another term. The natural Republican choice was the head of the Commerce Department, Herbert Hoover. Hoover had little to do with politics before that time. The Democrats nominated New York Governor, Al Smith, as their candidate. Due to the popularity of Hoover and the Republican party he had a clear majority when election day came.[1]

candidates popular vote electoral vote
Herbert Hoover 21,391,993 444
Al Smith 15,016,169 87
Norman Thomas 267,835 0
Vene L. Reynolds 21,603 0
William Z. Foster 21,818 0
William F. Varney 20,106 0



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