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Parlayed my biology degree (which involved a great deal of statistics) into a Project Management position with the Bank specializing in Six Sigma.

Now, care to answer any of this:

How many published journal articles appear under your name or Conservative's name? Do either of you have a degree in Biology or Astronomy? Do either of you actually have any post-secondary education? As a graduate of a major university with a degree in biology, I have never heard of any issues the sun would cause for the theory of evolution, nor do my searches in the academic literature produce any meaningful results. The article Sarfati references confirms the Sun is about 25% warmer now than it was when life evolved on earth. This does not mean the earth was 25% colder then than it is now. In fact, the inverse square rule tells us that 25% increase in the Sun's radiative temperature would only result in a miniscule change in the temperature of Earth. BiologyGraduate 12:18, 14 November 2011 (EST)