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Re: Vox Day's post on the Word Dynamo test and my main page posting on it

For the record, I took the test once without the aid of a dictionary or other aids and got a score of 50,026. I have been subsequently informed that if you get a perfect score you get a score somewhere between 50,000 and 50,100. I have also been informed that if you sign up for the paid service, you are allowed to get a much higher score through an enhanced testing procedure. I just thought the test was a fun test of English vocabulary and the web page offered some educational value as it offers a dictionary, thesaurus, vocabulary tools and writing tools. So I thought it was worthwhile telling the public about it. There is value in building and having a good vocabulary. Earl Nightengale claimed that having a higher vocabulary can makes you a more effective communicator and can also increase your income there is some truth to that.

If you truly want to test intelligence a battery of tests should be taken as there are multiple forms of intelligence (look up Howard Garner's Theory of multiple intelligences and Theories of multiple intelligence by Grady M. Towers (From The Prometheus Society’s Journal, Gift of Fire Issue No. 33, September 1988)). Here is a sample of some of the tests which test intelligence: Inteligence tests.

There is a degree of plasticity when it comes to intelligence and that intelligence can be improved through nutrition, physical exercise, "brain workouts" and Audio–visual entrainment (AVE) (see: HERE and HERE and Athletic and mental performance and AVE). For example, with the advent of computers, there are a host of cognitive software performance tests and cognitive rehabilitation software which have been developed such as Mybraintrainer, Brain Builder, High IQ Pro, PSSCogRehab 201, Ultimate Memory and Core Mind Builder and TOVA. These tests are excellent in order to diagnose and improve cognitive abilities. I spoke to a gentlemen who works with professional athletes in order to improve their mental performance and he told me about a software program called Thinkfast which he believed increases mental performance. I bought the software program and I very much like it. The Prometheus Society, a high IQ society for people people with high IQs, was considering using the Thinkfast software scores as a means of qualifying to get into their society.[1] Unfortunately, Thinkfast is no longer sold. People who are in fields or areas where increased brain performance can give them a distinct competitive advantage such as stock/commodity traders and athletes have used audio visual entrainment with positive results.

The chess champion Bobby Fischer believed that physical conditioning affected mental performance too as can be seen here: "Bobby thought of himself as an athlete, and he trained with single-minded persistence. He was determined that Spassky would not wear him down at the table. He followed a strict regimen each day to prepare for the demands of the grueling upcoming match in Iceland. After a daily workout in the gym followed by a sauna and rubdown, Bobby would swim laps and stay underwater for as long as he could (as shown in the photograph here). Bobby repeatedly said to me, “Spassky, I am going to crush him.”[2]

IQ and financial success

Sleep and insight

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