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I am JPS, and I live in NJ, USA. I go to a PCA church. One of my daily to-do items is to keep @SayNo2BigGay going, a daily Twitter feed opposing the overreaches of the LGBT campaign.

I share news and views from bold sources like MassResistance, LifeSite, CNS News, Breitbart, and C-Fam. I make a lot of tweets that are quotations from the articles. Sometimes I try writing a quotable tweet myself.

My main response to the inevitable "bigot" accusations is to make sure not to attack any non-public individual personally. Since I don't perpetrate ad hominems, I don't tolerate them. When somebody calls me a nasty name or whatever, I don't retaliate in any way other than to use the Twitter Block feature after politely explaining to him/her why I'm doing it. For example:

I don't do personal attacks, as you have just done to me. You even used a truly homophobic slur! I hope you will learn decorum. You will now be blocked.

Thanks to SocialOomph, my account is usually sending out a tweet every hour or two, six days a week. I post the same stuff on SayNo2BigGay at Gab. If Twitter kills my account "due to hateful conduct" or some such nonsense, I have a fully developed Gab account already running in parallel, built up since 2016, so I can jump over immediately.

On Conservapedia I have proposed two new conservative terms: fornonormativity and Sodomism.