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Dear Whomever has the power to fulfill this,

I hope I have been good enough to get this. I've tried very hard to be a good editor and to keep everything I say civil and Conservative.

  • 1. Upload rights. A lot of sport and company articles are logoless. :( Granted, along with block rights 12/9/08. Now comes the hard part, actually using them without backlash. Never mind. Block rights are still there, but for reasons beyond my control (or my knowing, for that matter) my upload rights are gone.
  • 2. More people to help in my sports project. I can't do all this alone, for Pete's sake! Thanks to WesleyS, all rosters are finished, except for the soccer ones. Working on the teams now, Ligue 1 to be specific.
  • 3. More video game articles. Frankly, the great video games of all time deserve some of the same recognition as the great movies/books/tv shows of all time. And, finally,
  • 4. The end of vandalism, especially liberal vandalism. It just takes away from the people who have worked hard to make this thing work.

Thanks for reading,

JY23 (aka #1denverfan)