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  • I tried to ask for details about a vaguely worded news entry and was interrogated for doing so. In the process, a sysop apparently tried to publish private information about me.
  • I tried to ask about Conservative's "T0:Gentlemen-at-another-website" shout-outs and was effectively told that, while said sysop is allowed to freely address that site, nobody else should even know of its existence, much less say its name.
  • I asked for help with the quotes Feminism article and spent a few hours looking up the first few quotes. None of the sysops - who were so incredibly worried about proper sourcing on some user page just minuted before that - were willing to help me out.
  • I lightly mocked Conservative's open mockery of The Site The Sysops Are Obviously Afraid Of, and my user page was secretly vandalized by a sysop. When I fixed it and tried to address his concerns, I got a one-week block, and my user page was deleted.
  • Now, one week later, nobody else had bothered to look up sources for the quotes on the Feminism article.

Apparently, the sysops here have zero interest in fairness or intellectual honesty. Instead, they just jerk around other users and tell them to work without questioning the sysops' blatant hypocrisy.

No, thanks. I'll join a site where the sysops aren't just power-tripping trolls who expect others to do all the work.