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Tristan J. Shuddery is a family-values campaigner who lives in Adair County, Oklahoma. Born Topeka, Kansas in 1942, Tristan J. Shuddery has dedicated his entire life to restoring American traditional values in an age besetby rampant liberalism and a rising tide of secularism that threatensto deny and destroy our most dearly cherished beliefs.

Shuddery first came to know of his vocation when as a young man hefelt compelled to oppose the anti-American excesses of the ACLU. Motavated by the outrageous judicial activism of the day, in May of’54, Shuddery lead a group of his fellow students in protest against liberalisation of the education system. Shuddery’s willingness to challenge the excesses of school policy earnt the respect of local Christian men’s sciocieties. Ever since then, campaigining for American values has been in his blood.

His later high-school years were victory both on and off the athletics track, however a period of sudden illness prevented Tristan from fulfilling his life’s dream: To serve America in Vietnam, however Shuddery was determined to serve his country. He helped form a group which was dedicated toexposing communists within America, thus helping to eliminate threatsat home. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before he was drawn to work in government.

As director of Tuttle City’s IT infrastrucutre, Shuddery lead the first-ever faith-based civil IT infrastructure defense program. This revolutionary program was designed to introduce Christ’s message right into the heart of government, and thus deny the big lie of liberalism, the seperation of church and state. Under Shuddery’s leadership faith based technology programs in the state of Oklahoma have doubled.

Recently, Shuddery obtained his PhD in Faith-based software-development from Patriot Bible University. Shuddey also holds an MSCS qualification, one of the most highly recognized qualifications in the technology industry. His in-depth knowledge of tecnology has enabled him to address controversial issues, such as the Linux controvorsy. Shuddery’s desire to fight for what is best for America lives on.

In 2004 Shuddery retired from his post at Tuttle city and has re-dedicated his life to his original passion: Sharing American values, talking-up the family and raising funds for good causes. Tristan moved along with his wife to Elohim City, Oklahoma where he helped establish, a centerist, pro-family web-site which is now one of the worlds most popular conservative news-portals.