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Im not fat!!

you are hideously obese


good spelling!

We have been through this before and after establishing that i dont care i dont see what more we can say about this topic?

we never reached a conclusion! You should care. How much do you weigh?

here is a question, why is ice slippery?

i dont know tell me

the explanation is actually complicated maybe i will make an article about it.

smooth. No friction.

Actually no, that wouldn't explain several properties including the fact that it doesnt require movement to be slippery. It has to to with the way the molecule bind.


Hey im busy with vandalism.

i know, im trying to distract you, but im now really interested in your ice question. tell me more

Ever seen a picture of an ice crystal?

Who posted the ice question i didn't and no i haven't seen an ice crystal ~edittext

i didnt post it either. i havent seen one either