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This is a draft for a potential debate topic: "Which is a better choice for college, Princeton or Rutgers?"

I want to nibble at this for a while before I decide whether or not to add it to the debates page. I'm mostly using this as a personal WIkiwysiwyg scratchpad, not particularly looking for comments yet, but of course I'll pay attention if anyone has thoughts to share.

Like most debate topics I have my own point of view, and the point of view I am pushing here as that circa 2007 it appears to me that the importance of choosing a "good" college is being wildly, crazily, bizarrely overemphasized, students are being unnecessarily overstressed, and are being led to fear that the college they enter is going to have a far larger influence on their future life than is really the case.

This may turn out to be an original essay labelled as such rather than a debate topic.

I'm going to phrase it as Princeton versus Rutgers because I don't know a lot about either college and will enjoy researching them; because they are both in New Jersey; and because they are very good examples of two schools which a) are clearly different in academic reputation, Princeton currently being #1 in the U. S. News and Rutgers being #60, but b) a clear example in which the lower-prestige school is obviously a very good school.

I'm tempted to say nobody could go wrong with either... or, alternatively, that anyone could go wrong with either.

It's also a good illustration of how the "less good" school could be a clearly better choice for some students than the "better" school. Case in point: for a student considering an undergraduate business degree, Rutgers is a better choice than Princeton. (If you don't know why, I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader). Dpbsmith 11:18, 30 April 2007 (EDT)