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White Privilege: House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff {left} with longtime Schiff megadonor Ed Buck (right). Buck was finally arrested and charged after a third gay African American man overdosed on methamphetamine in his home. The first two died and Democrat prosecutors never filed any charges.[1]

"White Privilege" is the alleged body of special favors, in law and custom, that white people have by virtue of being white in America and other societies.

Liberal activists have taken increasingly to alleging "white privilege" to advocate for a package of social policies and programs.

The allegation of "white privilege," becomes richly ironic in consideration of, among other things:

  1. The racial composition of those who attend the annual "White Privilege Conference": mostly liberal whites.
  2. The advocacy of abortion. Margaret Sanger, a prototypical white liberal, promoted abortion to eliminate members of other races and those having genetic ailments, especially Down's Syndrome.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Democratic party presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren rejected the notion of white privilege when she appropriated the cultural identity of Native Americans to gain access to affirmative action programs. Warren boast's of being Harvard Law School's first "Woman of Color."

Criminal justice system

In New Mexico, four of five adult members of a black Muslim group were released days after their arrest for murdering a three-year-old, starving their children, and training children to perform school shootings. Meanwhile, two white adults of a Christian cult have remained in jail for two years on child abuse charges without trial in New Mexico.

Protection of abuse concurrent with practicing racial identity politics

Racial identity political groups can abuse white skeptics of racial identity grievances and other whites they suspect to be potentially effective opponents of themselves of whom they want to make an example, by marking their words and actions as racist (or racist to a more hostile degree) by means of stripping them of context, tone and intent when they are evaluated.

The example discourages others from expressing negative opinions about the words or actions of the racial identity political group.

If instances of this kind of suppression become notable, and others appear to intervene, leaders of the group can maintain that even the appearance of racism by an authority increases or sustains oppression of the racial group they represent, so such suppression is justified.

This, however, opened them up to the expression of opinion of whites poor enough or not politically connected enough that they could not possibly oppress the political identity group, for whom it would make no sense to suppress, because in the first place, they would be known to be susceptible to the same type of grievances as the group's, even those perpetrated by the political identity group itself.

And in the second place, in applying knowledge of human nature to politics in general, suppressing responses to wrongful treatment, such as the same kind as that found in those types of grievances, doesn't stop the hostile response behind them, but rather keeps it bottled up, which in time comes out harmfully either in a burst or in indirect ways.

The idea of white privilege insulates racial identity political groups from that expression of opinion, because it maintains the fiction that any white, despite laws of equal opportunity, carries with them the power to oppress, despite any evidence to the contrary, such as tolerance of affirmative action laws (even those extended to people who were never enslaved) or the furtherance of the unproven virtues of diversity and unbridled immigration and widespread hostility to their coming to a close, and a fiction that also maintains a racial favoritism among whites, while prestigious polling agencies show them to be the least selective among racial lines of any race in the world.

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