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"White Privilege" is the alleged body of special favors, in law and custom, that white people have by virtue of being white in American society today.

Liberal activists have taken increasingly to alleging "white privilege" to advocate for a package of social policies and programs.

The allegation of "white privilege," becomes richly ironic in consideration of, among other things:

  1. The racial composition of those who attend the annual "White Privilege Conference": mostly liberal whites.
  2. The advocacy of abortion. Margaret Sanger, a prototypical white liberal, promoted abortion to eliminate members of other races and those having genetic ailments, especially Down's Syndrome.

Elizabeth Warren

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren rejected the notion of white privilege when she appropriated the cultural identity of Native Americans to gain access to affirmative action programs. Warren boast's of being Harvard Law School's first "Woman of Color."

Criminal justice system

In New Mexico, four of five adult members of a black Muslim group were released days after their arrest for murdering a three-year-old, starving their children, and training children to perform school shootings. Meanwhile, two white adults of a Christian cult have remained in jail for two years on child abuse charges without trial in New Mexico.

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