Wilks v. AMA

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Wilks v. AMA was a District Court case that is a precedent in medical anti trust.


Since the 1960s, the AMA had pursued a policy of persecuting the chiropractic profession. In 1984 the American Chiropractic Association filed a suit in U.S. District Court with Frederic Wilks, D.C. as Petitioner.


The AMA was alleged to be in violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act, and an injunction was sought barring the AMA from harassing chiropractic practitioners.


The trial was heard before the Honorable Judge Susan Getzandammer. Both sides presented much evidence before resting.


Her Honor released the opinion in February 1987. The AMA was found to have violated the Sherman Act, as specified in the complaint. She enjoined the AMA from committing any future violations as requested. Despite several appeals, this injunction stands to this day.